Trust Platform

Omni Channel Relationship Management

Glome is a new era relationship management service to help businesses improve user acquisition and retention.  

We remove the login while gaining insight to user behaviour across multiple devices with soft accounts - no sign up, no installations, no friction. Nothing is required from the user.  

With Glome businesses

  1. serve better with less friction, more engagement and better conversion to deeper relationships
  2. enrich relationships and serve customers through all devides and touchpoints
  3. comply with strict privacy and transparency requirements

No user action required

When visiting a service, a soft account is automatically created for the visitor. Glome gives businesses tools  to earn users trust, personalise their offerings and deepen their relationship to them without forced registrations or identity requirements. 
Less friction, more engagement and better conversion.

Trust based interactions

        Personalisation is not about identity, it's about the context.  Glome soft accounts is a solution to address strict privacy and transparency requirements. Earn the trust of your users and get a higher conversion rate to paid services and better profiling. 
 Privacy by design. 

Multi device customer service

Glome soft accounts help businesses serve users throughout all their devices, and earn their trust in a way that is transparent and smooth to the point of invisibility. 
Turn every touchpoint into a start of a customer journey. 

Getting started with

Glome Devland offers documentation and code samples for 3rd party developers who are willing to learn and explore the opportunities of the Glome platform.


Get the API key

Want to serve your existing customers better and deepen the relationship you have with them? 
Get your API key and unleash the power of the Glome platform!


Get the   Wordpress plugin

This plugin helps to collect and combine data to create a better user experience. A Wordpress site accessed by the same person via multiple devices can be served a continuous experience.



Starting from: 0€ / month

Beta pricing includes 2500 active soft accounts. Additional soft accounts 5€ / 1000 accounts / month. 
*) "Active soft account" is a Soft Account that has constant activity. Consultancy, strategy and support offerings priced separately. Contact us for details and quotes.