To Increase Conversion
Glome, has developed a patented access management and personalisation platform to help businesses serve their customers in real time across multiple devices without forcing users to do anything: no login, no registration, no apps to install
Broken user experience
Most people use multiple devices in sequence to access your services - this is called omnichannel. They expect to be served through all but are not ready to sign up or install anything. 
Connect all Things
Your users get an easy way to link their devices for a real time personalised experience across all of them. Glome helps businesses earn their users trust without requiring users to sign up, register or install anything.
Improve conversion
Glome gives businesses tools to deepen their relationship with users and create value for them - to turn them into happy customers. Omnichannel is to serve the user, on her terms through any device.
Glome explained by developers:
On a single computer the effect of Glome is pretty similar to cookies: the user gets an identifier in the background, but doesn't necessarily know about it. The difference kicks in when the user wants to continue later on a different device. Please note that it is the responsibility of your application to make sure that the user moves an identifying token to the other device, for example by emailing a link. Thus, the multi-device browsing experience requires an explicit action from your user; she is in control, Glome just makes it easy. 
Start your journey
If you're technical check out our API. If you're business focused, then contact us below. 
Edi Immonen